Why Abc Express Is The Top Reliable Travel?

Owning a fleet of dedicated trucks

ABC owns more than 200 in-house Trucks to cover a wide range and offer the fastest deliveries.

Advanced driver support system

Provide a support system for their drivers to ensure on-time delivery.

Swift and punctual deliveries

Successfully established a well-known reputation for their on-time delivery.

Professional drivers

We have an in-house team of professional truck drivers for safe and secure delivery.

Real-time tracking and communication

Customers can do real-time tracking to ensure the safety of their product.

Choose ABC Express for a smooth ride, and let us navigate the roads while you enjoy the journey of your parcel.

For more information:

Phone Number: 011 23675152, 011 23675253, 7065001053 Email ID: info@abctransport.co.in