Import Export Solutions

At ABC we have been enabling trade through our last mile do or delivery service. With our vast presence in Nahva Sheva port and Mundra we cater to clients looking for import and export transportation and clearing solutions. We understand the value of the timeliness of your cargo and are committed to meeting deadlines through a dedicated traffic control room complete with OPD and GPS monitoring providing real time feedback.


We offer express and super express service in as little as 36 hours to between JNPT/Mundra and North India. We take pride in being as fast as air freight at the fraction of a cost owing to our door to door service.


Personal relationship manager to aid with tracking shipments and resolving queries & entertaining requests.


Containerized fleet and strict due diligence of driving partners to ensure the safety of your valuable goods.


Through years of relationship with our partners in import and export space, we coordinate with CHAs and freight forwarders to provide you with a integrated solution.

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