We don’t emphasize which transportation company is dealing with our packages unless they screw up. Logistics and transportation make headlines when rarely unless the news is too big to avoid. But what is this business all about? Are there facts that need discovery? Let’s read along to find out!

Today, we seek the best logistics company in India or abroad. This is because the post-covid era has reduced our will to take risks, and we seek credibility and security more than anything else. However, there is some prominent myth about these companies in the market. This article will discuss all the facts in detail. 

What is a transportation company?

Simply put, a transportation company is a person or entity primarily transporting people, goods, or property from one place to another. It may provide its service to a single individual or a commercial entity, per its ease and suitability. 

The key features of any good transportation company include the following:

  • Overall safety: There is an assurance of the safety of your package once received by the company. It takes care of it, no matter the item’s nature. From fragile or breakable objects to rough-and-tough commodities, the transport company takes accountability for its safety. 
  • Expert communication: Any relationship – strong or weak, depends on the communication level between the parties. The higher the communication, the stronger the bond and vice-versa. A good transport organization keeps the consumer in the loop for every movement. 
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Every consumer comes with different and unique needs. In the transport business, you must stay updated with modern technology and adapt as soon as possible to stay in the game. On the other hand, if you keep pursuing traditional means without knowing what’s new, you might have to face a knockout. 
  • Easy customization: From same-day deliveries to specific, timely deliveries, the evolution has been dynamic in the transport industry. So if you want to beat your competitors in your business, you need to offer efficient customization that helps you convert new customers and earn the reliability of old ones. 
  • Clientele reviews: Authentic reviews by clients and customers help you earn intangible and valued assets like goodwill for your business. The better the ratings, the more real the reviews, and the chances for your transportation company to earn more business increase by a higher percentage. 

These features show their effect over time once you turn a regular and improve at what you bring. Before we go on to the myths, let’s first clear the doubt between logistics and transportation companies.

What is the difference between a logistics company and a transportation company?

While logistics and transportation are like peas in a pod, they still have micro-level differences that you should know about. While a transportation company covers majorly the transportation methods (by air, water, or land), a logistics company brings you home to a larger picture. 

The logistics company works intricately while caring for all the movements in the supply channel. From loading to shipment and express delivery, it covers everything. Therefore, logistics is the larger subset of transportation and should be perceived similarly. 

Myths related to transportation & logistics companies

Some myths have become larger than life because of no address. Here, we will take them up individually and show the facts related to them. Let’s go:

#Myth 1: The transport logistics do not reduce the freight charges – The first and the biggest myth is that transportation companies do not cut down the total freight costs for their consumers. However, this isn’t true. Usually, the freight and workforce charges are variable and keep fluctuating. This means there is no fixed cost and transparency related to these costs maintained by the companies.

When elaborating on this fact, the organization provides its users with proper planners. They also empower their managers to cut unnecessary costs that become obstacles to their supply chain and encourage them to choose easier routes. 

#Myth 2: It is too hard to integrate logistics and transportation into an industry – You might often hear entrepreneurs in these areas say they need help integrating these departments. However, this myth is already a stereotype as the industry is becoming far more innovative and easier. 

Today, with the networking of a good transport company and the efficiency of logistics, the integration process is only helping to eliminate boundaries. These geographical dimensions are becoming more and more blurry by the day, and the players communicate and collaborate more efficiently than ever before. 

#Myth 3: There is rigidity in the alignment of operational practices – It is often heard that transport logistics have too rigid a process to make operational practices easier. While this isn’t true at all but the opposite is. 

Today, there is a higher amount of agility and flexibility provided to manufacturing companies by the transportation industry. The logistics and transportation organizations empower their high authorities to pick the best routes, delivery ways, and transportation means to ensure minimal disruption in smooth operational practices. 

#Myth 4: The transport industry has nothing to do with customer relationship management – Customer retention and relationship management is some of the most important aspects of any business, including transport and logistics. However, this myth has gone unaddressed for a while, which may cloud one’s perception.

The constant touch as to where their parcel is, the 24*7 customer support offered, and the communication that stays even after the package has been delivered say a lot about the company’s image in the eyes of the customer. The better those fields are, the higher the chances of the business soaring on all levels. 


While transportation and logistics still have a long way to go, there is always time to get your facts right. With ABC Transport, your job gets easier on all levels. We strive to meet your expectations without causing any delay or denial. 

This industry has its unique potential to innovate and thrive despite the obstacles that stand in the way. Since we travel the extra mile to deliver you the warmth of your loved ones, we know it is worth giving a shot!